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Job Portraits specializes in Managed Employer Branding

We know successful businesses depend on their people, and we believe the truth connects candidates to companies where they belong. But the truth means different things to different people. It makes sense to manage yours.

Managed Employer Branding

The best candidates can choose where they work. Why should they pick your company? Accelerate your growth by attracting the right talent using the truth of your company’s culture and a Managed Employer Brand.

Own Your Story

Don’t let your employer brand exist by default. Intentional storytelling that accurately reflects your company’s culture will help your future teammates find you and connect with what you’re building.

Set Honest Expectations

Nobody likes to feel deceived. Letting candidates know what to expect from the start—including challenges as well as perks—reduces turnover and increases long-term satisfaction.

Rise Above the Noise

Your mission and culture are unique, but candidates can't tell when your careers page and social look the same as everyone else. Make sure candidates know why. We help get to the heart of what makes you different—and share those details in creative ways that set you apart. 

Recruiter Success

Recruiters are more successful when they have better ways to connect with candidates. We believe that truthful, consistent communication helps attract—and inform—the people you most want to hire.

Increase Engagement

We’ll work with you to create authentic content that engages candidates, a first step in building strong connections and relationships. 

Create a Presence

Don't keep your value as an employer to yourself. Give a candidate audience a clear view or your culture and offerings. We'll use clear and honest communication to help you get there.

Amplify Your Efforts

Let us make the most of your existing initiatives with strategic campaigns and targeted messaging that fits into your current workflow. 

“Job Portraits just gets it. It’s not about candidates or consumers, it’s about humans. The stories JP writes for my team get an average dwell time of 4+ minutes, showing the value of telling a good human-focused story. Compared to other partners, the work that hits my desk is not only compelling, it’s proof perfect. Every. Single. Time. My leaders, my candidates, and my employees can’t get enough. Highly recommend.”

Charlotte Marshall
EB Leader of the Year and Author of Give & Get Employer Branding

Job Portraits has been an instrumental partner in amplifying our talent brand, especially as we have expanded our global footprint. It has allowed candidates the opportunity to access our Careers Blog posts, helping them gain insights into who we are as a company and a community. In addition, the work they have done on our careers site and founders' story has directly impacted our candidate engagement. At Domino, we put the candidate at the center of the experience and Job Portraits took the time upfront to truly gain an understanding of who we were as an organization, and how we were evolving. We have a true partnership.

Michelle Arieta
Chief People Officer, Domino Data Lab

“I've hired the Job Portraits team repeatedly over the past six years at both Eventbrite and Lever. They've created high-quality visual and written content about working at the company that has lived on blogs, career sites, print materials, and other hiring and marketing channels.”

Deniz Gültekin
Senior Manager, Global Employment Brand & Experience @ Eventbrite

“Before working with Job Portraits, our efforts around employer branding were ad hoc and we did not have a consistent approach—now, we have a lot of valuable foundational work to pull from, which is great.

They were great partners in helping to teach and build an understanding with senior leadership and key stakeholders about why employer branding matters and why it is important that we do this work.”

Clare Geyer
Recruiting Operations @ Digit

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