Hiring rare birds?

We help talent leaders and hiring managers attract senior engineers, B2B salespeople, and other hard-to-hire experts using techniques borrowed from branding, marketing, and sales.

We've helped 90+ companies hire passive candidates at scale.

Employer brand kickstart

Give the world's top candidates reason to believe in you

In six weeks, our team of branding and marketing experts will execute 10+ projects to define and launch your identity as a team—and give you the best possible shot at hiring the world's top candidates.

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EVP discovery

Define your core value to candidates: employer value propositions

Hiring is hard when candidates don’t know what you stand for. We’ll help you define the ideas and messaging that will inform everything you create and share with candidates.

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tech blog post subscription

Attract top engineers by publishing technical blog posts every month

We'll create a reliable stream of technical blog posts to help you attract and nurture relationships with discerning job candidates—all with minimal time from your engineers.

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employee spotlight subscription

Put the spotlight on your top asset: your team members

Candidates want to know who they’ll sit next to if they join. On a regular cadence, we’ll craft profiles of team members to give candidates an inside perspective and help them feel like they belong.

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A Quick hello

Not long ago we were in your shoes.

As former startup founders and recruiters (and engineers and marketers), we can promise one thing above all: the problems we'll solve for you are ones we first solved for ourselves.

Today, our services are designed to help you attract and nurture candidates with high-value skillsets—engineers, sales people, designers, and others.

Jargon lovers call our work "talent branding" and "recruitment marketing," but we prefer to define ourselves by our advocacy for candidates and our commitment to truthful storytelling. Unconventional, perhaps, but we believe there's no better path to hiring great people at scale.
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A few kind words

We’ve partnered with founders, talent leaders, hiring managers, and fellow employer brand specialists at 90+ startups and enterprise companies.

“Our Job Portraits stories have been a great tool for getting team members to support recruiting. It makes it easy for us to ask for their help. My Facebook feed is full of people sharing the stories.”
Deniz Gültekin
Talent Brand @ Lever
“By Launch Day, everything was laid out for us. Jackson walked 50 team members through the steps in under an hour. It felt good to accomplish so much so quickly—by the end of that day we were on the map.”
Greg Russell
Head of Talent @ Snapdocs

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Learn from us

We learned the hard way so you don't have to

Internally, we've long tracked our observations and learnings. In 2019 we've begun to share our insights publicly.
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