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Job Portraits is a storytelling studio that helps Bay Area startups hire at scale. We are former journalists, founders, and, yes, job seekers, working to improve the hiring experience from both sides of the table. We help our clients by helping their candidates: using real stories, we tell candidates what they actually want to know.

We've told stories for

Our Job Portraits story is the perfect way for our team to reach out and say, ‘We're hiring.’ It’s been shared more than any other recruiting content.
Deniz Gültekin  -  Talent Brand @ Eventbrite
Job Portraits really helped us put our culture front and center. I've gotten great feedback from candidates who saw our profile.
Austin Putman  -  VP Engineering @ Omada Health
Miki and Jackson are brilliant with their craft. We just wrapped our third project together and I continue to look for any possible opportunity to collaborate.

why stories?

Stand out

Our stories skip everything boring about job ads and speak to the hopes and fears that motivate top candidates. Plus, stories are naturally social; reqs aren't.

Gain Trust

Candidates know when you’re only showing them one side of the story. We help you complete the picture with authenticity and fairness.

Save Time

After digesting the information in our stories, candidates who are a good fit self-select in and come to conversations already informed and excited.

start here: a profile of your team

Our most popular story is about a team that’s hiring for competitive roles, usually 5+ over many months. In two weeks, and with minimal time from your team, we'll deliver the perfect story for outreach emails and social. Examples:

team profile

engineering at Eventbrite

An unusually diverse team that's driven by learning and communication—and gnomes. On the same day, we also gathered content for a story about Eventbrite's sales team. 

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team profile

sales at WebEx (Cisco)

This recently reinvented team is leading a strategy shift across the Fortune 100 tech giant. We helped WebEx differentiate their sales roles from the wider Cisco hiring brand, while keeping Cisco's VPs and PR in the loop.

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team profile

sales at WebEx (Cisco)

This recently reinvented team is leading a strategy shift across the Fortune 100 tech giant. We helped WebEx differentiate their sales roles from the wider Cisco hiring brand, while keeping Cisco's VPs and PR in the loop.

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team profile

data science at instacart

A growing team building the data infrastructure to support hyper-growth. This was our first of four stories with Instacart, including one about their first day in a new (bigger) office. Elevator meetings were fun while they lasted!

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Want us to profile your team next?

What we do

We do all of the things to craft a story that answers candidates' most pressing questions about your team. You also get full rights to our top 50–100 photos, pre-written social posts, and hands-on guidance for both wide and targeted distribution.

what you do

Engagements are $7–10K. This is a collaboration so we also need a bit of your time: 30 minutes for a planning call, one hour for day-of interviews, and stakeholder wrangling during the review process. If that sounds do-able, let's talk.

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Pssst! I'm Miki Johnson—the friendly cofounder at the other end of this form. You can also chat with me now via the bubble in the lower right, email me at, or call me directly: 740.707.3342.

But That's not all

We have dozens of hiring-focused stories up our sleeves, including videos and infographics. We can also provide strategy and content for hiring assets, such as careers pages and candidate-facing blogs.

We also offer hiring brand audits, where we review your hiring assets with real candidates to pinpointed key improvements. Curious? We'd love to chat.

"I took the job because they had a ping pong table on their website."
no talented person ever
"I love job reqs. They tell me everything I want to know."
No talented person ever
"You had me at 'Rockstar Wanted.'"
no talented person ever

Who (and how) we help

FOUNDERS & C-people

To help you compete with brand-name companies for top talent, we quickly clarify and publicize your employer brand. Bonus points: Current team members are excited to see the real, hard work they're doing highlighted and appreciated.

talent brand leads

We provide a single point of contact for all your creative needs as you bring your employer brand to life. We love finding the perfect combination of words, images, videos, and design to support your vision and engage your ideal candidates.


Consider us your advocates on the inside. We push our clients to provide you with honest answers to questions you yourself would ask. Yes, teams have final review of our stories, but we constantly remind them that if we lose your trust, fuggedaboutit.


We turn ideas, like employer brand and candidate value props, into tangible tools. Our stories help candidates self-select in—and out—so you can spend your valuable time with candidates who are already excited. Plus we're hella fast, just like you.

us, smiling

As cofounders at our former startup, our motto was “do what you love with people you trust.” By helping great companies build great teams, we believe Job Portraits carries that mission forward.

Miki Johnson

Client Lead

Question asker, attentive listener, story crafter. Ask me about Paleo desserts and leading by example.

Jackson Solway

Wearer of Many Hats

Photo maker, team leader, ops overseer. Ask me about media ethics and the future of the human race.

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