Your next 100 team members don’t know you exist.

What's your plan?

Job Portraits is a San Francisco–based creative studio that supports recruiting teams. If you need to hire a lot of people, fast, we'll create culture-focused content about your company to help you market your job opportunities.

Hi! This is (a few of) us. We're here to help.

The premise

Hiring is hard.
Unanswered emails. Applications at a trickle.
"What do you do again?" everybody asks.

The best talent is moving to companies that
play by new rules. Companies that lead with
impact, not role. Culture, not comp.

So we’re going to use your story
—your mission, your vision, your culture—
as tools to attract job candidates you’ll click with.

We've worked with teams at these fine companies.

Our services

Talent leaders and founders at 70+ companies have relied on us to communicate their work culture to job candidates. You may know this field as “employer branding” (jargon alert).

We’ve also long engaged with VCs and marketers on a range of writing, editing, and video production services.

The impact we're targeting

We equip teams to make all these things happen.

Increase candidate response rates

When they include a link to our stories, our clients have reported 30% – 150% increased response rates to cold outreach emails and Linkedin messages.

Increase number of referrals

We’ll help your team members optimize their social accounts, and train them to effectively reach out to their networks using the content we create.

Increase ad click-through rates

In lieu of running ads against job reqs, clients who have run campaigns with our stories have seen their click-through rates jump up to 200%.

Reduce screening call time

When candidates read the content we create before screening calls, you can either, 1) pitch less and finish faster, or 2) drop the script, be humans together, and work to confirm their affinity. Your choice.  

Gain trust with candidates

We're going to show candidates what you're like. This includes insight into the challenges you're facing—seriously—because our research shows candidates will trust you more once you share it.

Increase hiring team satisfaction

Interviews are more likely to be successful—and hiring teams happy—because candidates will show up informed and excited—or if they're a poor fit they'll self-select out in the beginning.

Interest piqued? Talk to a human.

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