Hiring rare birds?

In six weeks, our team of branding and marketing experts will execute 10+ projects to define and launch your identity as a team—and give you the best possible shot at hiring the world’s top engineers, salespeople, and other professionals.

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1. The workshop

In a 1-day workshop we'll identify the value propositions that will draw in the best passive candidates, develop a creative plan for bringing those value props to life, and determine the highest-leverage tactics for taking your jobs to market.

2. The sprint

In a 6-week sprint, our team of experts will roll up our sleeves and execute 10+ projects. We'll cover every base, from message strategy, to creative direction and execution, to in-the-weeds implementation.

New careers page
Updated job descriptions
Profile of founders
LinkedIn optimization
Employee referral blitz
Social media campaign
Office photo shoot
Yea, even more...

3. The launch

At the end of the sprint we'll make the transformation real: we'll rally your team (or whole company) and manage the launch of your job openings across multiple channels.

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