1-day employer branding workshop

Candidates don’t know you exist, and you can’t get them to reply to your emails. Let us help you solve these problems with a personalized 1-day workshop.

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"You had me at 'rockstar wanted.'" –No talented person ever

What you get

Over the course of the day we’ll work with your team to create 6 key assets:

1. An audit of your current employer brand and a list of quick-fix action items

2. A competitor analysis and case studies of successful employer brand projects

3. A map of your candidate journey to help identify messaging opportunities

4. Light-weight employer value propositions and the foundation for a key piece of content

5. A personalized 12-month strategy for employer branding at your company

6. An analysis of implementation options to help you direct time and resources

We’ll ALso send you home with

A tactical playbook
Step-by-step guidance on everything from writing technical job descriptions to taking solid photos with a phone.

Two hours of consulting
We’ll follow up after the workshop to answer new questions and help you get additional team members excited about employer branding.

About Job Portraits

We’ve helped 70+ startups use candidate-focused branding and marketing to hire great people faster and hold onto them longer. You might know this as “employer branding.”

The impact of employer branding

By giving candidates the information they want–when and where they want it–you'll save time and money. Straight up.

Meet your instructors: Miki and Jackson, Job Portraits cofounders

The day's activities

We’ll develop a custom agenda based on your current team and goals. Roughly, before lunch we’ll dig into your past and present, after lunch we’ll investigate what’s possible, and in the late afternoon we’ll develop a game plan for the future. And fear not—there’ll be breaks to check email and Slack.

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Our cozy live/work space

Next steps

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"I took the job because they had a ping pong table on their website." –No talented person ever

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The price
- $5,000
- Bring up to six team members
- Lunch and beverages provided

The time
- Every Tuesday and Friday
- 9:30am to 5:30pm
- Two breaks to check email and Slack

The location
- Our cozy office in the Mission
- Near the Caesar Chavez exit off the 101
- 15m drive from SoMa; 35m from Palo Alto
- 20m walk from 24th St. BART