The Premise

Hiring is hard. Unanswered emails. Applications at a trickle. "What do you do again?" everybody asks.

The best talent is moving to companies that play by new rules. Companies that lead with impact, not role. Culture, not comp.

So we're going to use your story—your mission, your vision, your culture—as tools to attract job candidates you'll click with.

Where we shine

Since our founding in 2014, we've focused on developing a small set of core strengths. Companies choose to partner with us because:

  • We have deep experience targeting senior technical and sales talent.
  • Taglines are well and good, but we focus on building content that brings them to life.
  • Our projects are informed by original research on candidate behavior and we're obsessed with improving the candidate experience.
  • Our team hails from journalism and we share a love for great storytelling.
  • We understand startups and can move like them, too.
Hi! This is (some of) us.
We've helped 90+ talent teams tackle challenges like yours.

About you

  • You need to move fast

    Resources from other teams are scarce, and you need a dedicated partner to drive your ideas to completion at a pace that satisfies your tight deadlines and personal ambitions.
  • Your pitch to candidates needs love

    Everyone is working hard, but candidate response rates remain low. On hard-won phone calls, candidates come in knowing nothing and your recruiters waste time repeating the same old facts.
  • You value creative quality

    You subscribe to the idea that authentic, well-produced content resonates with candidates, and you're excited to invest in a lasting advantage for your brand.

The impact we're targeting

We have experience targeting a wide range of outcomes. Most often, we set our sights on one or more of the following:

  • Move recruiting KPIs like outbound response rates, quality of inbound applicants, and number of team member referrals.
  • Foster a partnership mentality between recruiting and the teams they support, especially engineering.
  • Support retention efforts by celebrating the values that draw in candidates and the hard work and success of current team members.
  • Build company-wide alignment around talent initiatives and set expectations for cross function involvement in recruiting.

Metrics real-talk

To track the quantitative performance of a project, your team must be comfortable with tracking and sharing analytics.

In all candor, many recruiting teams at startups struggle here. If this describes you, we'd be thrilled to provide advice before diving into a project.

A few kind words

We’ve partnered with founders, talent leaders, hiring managers, and fellow employer brand specialists at 90+ startups and enterprise companies.

“Our Job Portraits stories have been a great tool for getting team members to support recruiting. It makes it easy for us to ask for their help. My Facebook feed is full of people sharing the stories.”
Deniz Gültekin
Talent Brand @ Lever
“By Launch Day, everything was laid out for us. Jackson walked 50 team members through the steps in under an hour. It felt good to accomplish so much so quickly—by the end of that day we were on the map.”
Greg Russell
Head of Talent @ Snapdocs

Talk to us. We're here to help.

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