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Miki Johnson

"...That’s an important part of culture for me — that everyone feels comfortable voicing contrarian or unpopular views, and that disagreeing with someone is never a reason to disrespect them."
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Sandra Barry

Senior Writer & Editor
"You know that old meme, lawyer dog? That’s me. He’s a damn good attorney. He passed the bar! But he’s still a silly little corgi."
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Jonaki Mehta

Creative Lead
"I remember very clearly the first time I questioned my dad’s judgement, and he responded surprisingly well. It was a small moment, but it taught me the power of respectfully challenging people."
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Natasha Sunderland

BizOps & Project Manager
"Three friends and I took a month-long road trip through southern Africa and they told me the tiny Volkswagen Rabbit we were driving would be fine..."
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Nate Guggia

More Than Just a Sales Guy
"A few years ago, I started a fresh smoothie delivery service and eventually created a shelf product that was accepted into Whole Foods stores in the Salt Lake City region."
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Olivia Haas

Creative Lead & Video Producer
"I can nab decent-to-excellent parking almost anywhere, anytime. Something just happens; I have this faith that a spot will materialize, and about 85 percent of the time, it does."
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Jon Young

[Re: puka shell necklaces.] "...I don’t own one myself, but you gotta give zero Fs if you’re still sporting one of those bad boys. I feel very connected to people who aren’t shy about themselves."
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Christina Bryza

Senior Editor
"...There’s yoga, prayer, meditation, a green smoothie with lots of protein and fiber, and journaling — but not all of those things happen every day."
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Jackson Solway

"I remember being in elementary school when the teacher would ask, “What’s your favorite animal?” We’d go around the room and it was all dogs and cats, and I would yell, “tapeworm!” "
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