We're looking for a project manager with a high tolerance for ambiguity

Join us as a PM and help us navigate, well, all of the things

From the JP Team: As of Aug. 13, 2020 we are no longer accepting applications for this role. Thank you.

  • This is a 100% remote role. 
  • You must be authorized to work in the US and available for calls 9am – 3pm PST. 
  • 3-month contract-to-hire. 
  • 20 hours per week to start; ramp up to full-time
  • While on contract, comp is $25/hr
  • Work is highly self-directed and work hours are somewhat flexible

Hey! We're Miki and Jackson, the cofounders of Job Portraits. We're a ~10 person creative agency that works with recruiting teams at tech startups and a handful of Fortune-100 businesses. 

We're going to be super transparent here. Job Portraits is in a crucible moment. Our finances are healthy for the next few months, but our survival into 2021 depends on three key changes that all rely on superb project management. If you join us, you'll have our close personal support (and lots of praise) as you help us accomplish the following.  

  • We need your help executing projects with greater efficiency and grace. You'll dive straight into the weeds here and have an immediate impact. 
  • We need your help with resourcing decisions. Today we're capable of basic financial modeling and capacity planning; you'll take us up a level (or two). 
  • We're developing a new line of business to serve customers with lower budgets. We have a ton of internal momentum and excitement here, and we'll rely on your advice and support to build discipline into the core of the offering. 

If this stuff sounds basic, we'll say this: we're a small company where everyone wears many hats. Up to now our project leaders have handled creative direction, project management, and account management all on their own. Now, in order to scale (and stay sane), we’re excited to split the role. Our perspective: bringing you on board represents our commitment to project management as a core competency of the business. 

To give you a deeper sense of what you're getting into, here's the lifecycle of a typical project at JP. Working alongside current team members, all of whom have a keen understanding of our clients, you'll help develop the PM function at each of these steps (and others). 

  1. Connect with prospective buyer. Scope custom project over ~5 phone calls. All together, scoping, contract, and procurement can take ~3 months. 
  2. Project team is ~5 JP team members; on client side we have a liaison plus 3–10+ stakeholders from functions like Sales, Engineering, and C-suite. 
  3. Projects range from a few deliverables over a few months so many deliverables monthly for a year. Each deliverable has its own set of stakeholders and review process. Sometimes the project includes workshops and a coordinated launch. 

Cool? Cool. More transparency: we're not 100% sure how experienced we think you should be as a candidate. On the one hand, we'd love if you've been around the block. That'll be helpful as you shape the very definition of project management at Job Portraits. At the same time, this isn't a management role (yet): this role will probably always require hands-on work, so that needs to be enjoyable to you. 

Interested? We aren’t big on pedigree and recognize that almost no one has direct experience in our niche. Here’s a thought experiment we’ve run that may be helpful to you. We’ve asked ourselves, “What kind of background would help a person succeed in this role?” Here are our answers (beyond project management experience itself):

  • An old-school managing editor from the journalism world who can navigate ethically weighty decisions on deadline. 
  • An in-house recruiter accustomed to rapid hiring while meeting the needs stakeholders with vastly different personalities. 
  • An executive assistant from any industry who moonlights as a writer. 
  • Your background and fresh perspective, because you get our drift ;) 

All said and done, we most need you to believe in the business, have a deep well of both compassion and conviction, and gain energy from uncertainty (rather than get drained by it). 

To apply, please fill out this short application form. You can also email questions to jackson@jobportraits.com. And our cards, completely on the table: here's our criteria for evaluating candidates, our hiring process, and a cheat-sheet with links to even more information.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you! 

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