Human-Centered Video

Our opinion? The world doesn’t need another “We have free beer!” recruiting video.

We work hard to find the 10% that’s uniquely you, and bring it to life with the highest quality visuals. Here's what it looks like (our portfolio).

Here’s how it works. First: contact us and let us know you’re interested in making video magic together. We’ll quickly respond and ask you to fill out our video intake form to the best of your abilities.

We’ll get back to you with additional questions, and schedule a video conference call for us all to get to know each other. Because (faces + voices) > (email threads). Math!

Our Approach

As skeptics, we feel qualified to say we produce downright quality videos. Words like “generic” and “cheesy” are not allowed in our process, and we’re the type of creative partner who will (gently) push back when it serves the art. Here’s more or less what you can expect from our process:

  • Discovery & Concepting: We’ll complete a series of discovery interviews across your company to understand what your unique “Employee Value Propositions” (EVPs) are, and which employees and/or stories bring those values to life. Once we’ve completed the discovery interviews, we’ll go deep into the concepting phase, where we’ll take what’s uniquely you and come up with a plan to show (not just tell…) it.‍
  • Production: We work with talented filmmakers, grips, and DPs, scout the best places to set your story (sometimes it’s not actually your office!), “cast” employees, and then we shoot, often using the same gear used to make Real Movies.
  • Post-production: Once we’ve shot all the interviews, b-roll, and whatever other visuals we need, we go off and put together a draft we’re proud of, then work with your team to shape it into its final form.


What kind of videos do you make?

For the last few years, we’ve focused solely on culture/recruiting videos using an unscripted, documentary approach. That being said, one of us used to be a screenwriter, and all of us like trying new things!

What kind of clients do you prefer?

We work with small startups, big tech giants, and everything in between. Our favorite clients are the ones who take risks, are great communicators, and whose value of company culture translates to trust in their collaborators. Also, clients with money.

Your website shows three different kinds of videos. Is that all you can do?

Great question but no. Every project is different, and we make sure to craft the right creative approach for each project’s needs.

How much does it cost?

We work with a team of talented professionals who do stellar work. So, a million dollars. Just kidding, but the point is it costs real money. Typically, $75K is a good starting point, but as always, we’d prefer to get the details of your specific project/needs before throwing around numbers.

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