Gain unprecedented access to students at top universities—at scale.

With our close partner, flytedesk, we'll orchestrate on-campus marketing campaigns at top colleges and universities—from five schools to 500—with a single dashboard to track rollout and measure performance.

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Large Companies


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How it works

1. We'll match your hiring goals with an audience.

Using flytedesk's network and propriety data, we'll help you select schools and student demographics. Choose a pre-built audience, like "Top 30 nationally-ranked computer science programs," or "Every MBA program at an HBCU." Or create your own based on criteria like admissions selectivity, size of major, and ethnic representation.

2.  We'll help you choose a mix of media & channels.

We know who we're after—now let's reach them where data says they spend their time. Every channel is on the table, including digital media, flyers and posters, street teams, and student-run newspapers, radio programs, and social media.

3. We'll develop and execute a creative vision.

With the flytedesk team on logistics, our team at Job Portraits will spring into creative action. For example, in the student newspaper we might publish a testimonial from an alum who now works at your company. Or we may send a care package to the mailbox of every student who has declared biology as their major. The sky is the limit.

4. We'll verify & measure

We won't wait around to find out what happened on campus. On the flytedesk dashboard, you'll see your ads in-market in real-time. Optionally, the flytedesk team will run surveys to track students' awareness of your company and other KPIs.

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