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We'll create a reliable stream of technical blog posts to help you attract and nurture relationships with discerning job candidates—all with minimal time from your engineers.

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How it works

1. You'll send us an engineer with the seed of a story to tell

We specialize in blog posts with a narrative arc: an engineer (or small team) started with a concrete problem, explored many possible solutions, made a choice, and have an outcome to report. Bonus points if there were setbacks along the way :) Optional: we can help you develop story ideas and identify interviewees on a regular planning call.

2. We'll interview the engineer to pull out details

Your team members are the experts; our expertise is asking great questions. Through one or more interviews, we'll quickly and efficiently gather all key information for the post. (Really—your engineers just need to show up.) We'll then write and share a draft as a Google Doc, you'll give us feedback, and we'll provide a final proofread.

3. You can relax as we deliver posts like clockwork

Our team doesn't get sucked into technical emergencies, nor do we get bogged down in the writing process—nor, frankly, are we as expensive as engineers. We're just here to write. On deadline. Like clockwork. Whether you need one post per month or one per week, we've got your back.

4. Great candidates will give you the time of day

Our team has been around the block, and it breaks our heart every time we meet an amazing technical team that nobody knows exists. The fact is, engineering candidates, unlike many other job seekers, want to know what the hell they'll be building. And their instinct is to search for your technical blog. Whether you work with us or DIY, for Pete's sake, if you're doing something cool, blog about it and don't leave candidates hanging.

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