Define your core value to candidates: employer value propositions (EVPs)

Hiring is hard when candidates don’t know what you stand for. We’ll help you define the ideas and messaging that will inform everything you create and share with candidates.

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Small Companies
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2-4 Months


How it works

1. You’ll share your work culture with us

Why did your team members take their jobs? What keeps them fulfilled and prevents them from leaving? What interesting problems are they solving? We’ll lead a set of interviews with a range of team members, from senior leaders, to ICs, to new hires, to discover their stories and their connection to your company’s mission, vision, and values.

2. We’ll distill your EVPs and craft a style guide

We’ll craft tag lines and other copy, as well as specific messaging guidelines, for you to use across every candidate touch point. Goals: speak to the wants and needs of highly-qualified candidates, and engender an emotional bond to your mission and current team.

3. We’ll develop a game plan for public rollout

In step one we met and/or learned about team members who embody your company’s culture and values. With their stories in hand, together with the style guide, we’ll develop an editorial calendar full of content that will resonate with candidates. Finally, we'll scope a launch campaign that you can execute yourself, or with our further assistance.

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