Lay the foundation: employer value propositions (EVPs)

Hiring is hard when candidates don’t know what you stand for. And executing without strategy is a recipe for waste. We’ll work with stakeholders across your business to develop a core strategy and messaging that will inform everything you share with candidates.

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Large Companies


2–3 Months


How it works

1. You’ll share your work culture with us

Why did your team members take their jobs? What keeps them fulfilled and prevents them from leaving? We’ll interview people across your business, from senior leadership to folks on the front lines, to discover their stories and their connection to your company’s mission, vision, and values.

2. We’ll distill your EVPs and craft a style guide

We’ll craft tag lines and other precise copy, as well as general messaging guidelines, for you to use across every candidate touch point. Goals: speak to the wants and needs of highly-qualified candidates, and engender an emotional bond. Optionally, we can use our learnings to define (or update) your company’s core values.

3. We’ll help you get internal stakeholders aligned

Real talk: rolling out a new brand and messaging starts with internal buy-in—and that’s no cake walk. We’ll partner with you to present what we’ve created to groups and leaders in every corner of your business. This work is important and exciting—and we need everyone on board!

4. We’ll develop game plan for public rollout

In step one we learned which team members best represent your company’s culture and values. With their stories in hand, together with the style guide, we’ll scope marketing campaigns and content that will attract similarly awesome candidates. The project is now done. Your team is set to execute, or we’re here to help if you’d like a partner in crime.

5. You’ll wake up to a new recruiting reality

Candidates will know what you stand for. They’ll come into conversations informed and excited, so your recruiters can have real conversations (and not just repeat the same old facts). Follow through with campaigns, and everyone at your company will become better aligned, better equipped to submit referrals, and better able to represent you publicly.

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