Put the spotlight on your top asset: your team members

Candidates want to know who they’ll sit next to if they join. On a regular cadence, we’ll craft profiles of team members to give candidates an inside perspective and help them feel like they belong.

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How it works

1. You’ll identify the traits and values of your ideal candidates

You have hiring priorities, and we have deep knowledge of what motivates candidates. Why have you closed some candidates and lost others? What separates a good candidate from someone great? We'll sync up and use your answers to develop a creative brief for the profiles.

2. We’ll profile team members those candidates will be drawn to

To create the profiles, we’ll interview team members on video calls. We’ll dig for material that matters to the candidates you want: stories that inspire, that speak to shared values, and that help candidates see themselves on your team.

3. We’ll put every profile to work—everywhere, every way

Profiles start as blog posts, but that’s just the beginning. As needed, we’ll help you pull highlights and reformat posts for use everywhere, including in candidate nurture emails, on social media, in internal newsletters, and as material for sourcers to share in outbound emails.

Measuring Success

We measure success via two surveys, which we conduct and report once per quarter. First, we survey new hires about the impact the profiles had on their decision to join the team. Second, we ask the team members we profiled to share the feedback they personally received, and the impact the profile had on their relationships inside and outside your company.

This said, of all the types of content we create, employee profiles are the most versatile. Beyond the use cases above, we’ve seen clients add profiles to their careers pages, send them to candidates to help them prep for interviews, and use them in internal comms campaigns to celebrate team members and gently encourage retention.

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