Increase your ROI on LinkedIn Sponsored Updates.

Informed by LinkedIn's best practices, we've created a special package of creative services purpose-built to improve the performance of Sponsored Updates.

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How it works

1. We'll scope a plan to maximize ROI.

To create the Sponsored Updates, we'll take professional photos at your office, interview a small group of employees, and draft great copy. On a call we'll determine the exact scope based on your target audience(s). We can also invite your LinkedIn account rep to the call, who can analyze your account data and provide advice.

2. You'll describe your ideal candidate to us.

You have hiring priorities, and we have deep knowledge of what motivates candidates. Questions: What roles do you need more candidates for? Who on your current team has a story that will inspire the candidates you want? On a call we'll get to answers.

3. We'll create original, authentic content.

Sit back and relax. We'll create everything—original, authentic content that shows candidates what you stand for and compels them to click. We'll deliver what we create formatted for Sponsored Updates. As a bonus, we'll deliver the raw content for your use off of LinkedIn.

4. You'll get better candidates, faster.

Simple: you'll see increased ROI. Candidate engagement will increase, ad click-through rates will increase, brand awareness will increase, and your overall cost-per-applicant will decrease.

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