Learn How To Start More Conversations With Senior Technical Candidates

In a 90 minute call, we’ll put fresh eyes on your recruiting assets and messaging, give you insights on the challenges you’re facing attracting passive candidates, and provide feedback on your ideas for the future.

What’s it cost? $90 bucks. We’ll send you an invoice after you book.

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Hey! We’re Nate, Nora, Jackson, and Jon

And we’re running an experiment. We’re hosting 90 minute conversations with a small group of engineering and talent leaders (that’s you).

We know the difficulty of starting conversations with senior engineers, and we're curious to dig into the specific roadblocks you're facing—and how you might overcome them.

At a meta level, we’re also trying to hone a conversation format that lets us be as helpful as possible, as quickly as possible, without totally blowing up our calendars :) We might hit a few bumps but, on balance, we don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Looking forward to connecting!

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How it works

1. We’ll prepare an audit of how you’re showing up to technical candidates online

Before we get on the call, we’ll use our team’s knowledge of candidate behavior and preferences to audit your recruiting assets. We'll also ask you to share a few details about your current challenges and ideas.

2. The call itself: A 90 minute jam session to help you solve tangible problems

We’ll start by reviewing the audit. Then it’s all about you: we’ll review what’s working for you now (and what isn’t), then dig into the roadblocks you’re facing and how to overcome them.

3. You’ll leave with a deck you can share with your team

It was a productive conversation—now let’s put it to work. In a follow-up email we’ll share a deck with the audit, insights we surfaced, and a business case for using content about your org to attract senior candidates.

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