services for vcs

If you shared your expertise, you’d gain trust with founders.

Two ways to engage

Writing and Editing Support

We’ll create high-quality content with minimal time from your busy team. Lean on us for website copy, marketing assets, announcements, and best-practice resources for your portfolio.

Partner Ghostwriting

The best founders seek partners who provide more than funding. We’ll help you share your key insights with a wider audience through top-notch content written in your unique voice.
Who we are
We’re a high-functioning team of writers and editors. We have deep experience partnering with VCs and startup exec teams in the Bay Area. Our guiding principle is to create content that helps readers make better decisions and respects their time, goals, and intelligence.
Why us

We’re highly strategic

Every story we tell begins with a clearly defined audience and concrete objectives.

We do the project management

We’re adept at navigating multiple stakeholder needs and driving stories to publication.

We respect your calendar

Our editorial process provides top-notch content with minimal time from your team.

References and work samples available on request.

Next steps

If our approach resonates, we’d be thrilled to talk and learn more about your readers, their needs, and how we can help you connect through the power of story.

Please contact me, Nate, to set up a conversation with our writing team:

Meet your team

Miki Johnson

"...That’s an important part of culture for me — that everyone feels comfortable voicing contrarian or unpopular views, and that disagreeing with someone is never a reason to disrespect them."
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Sandra Barry

Senior Writer & Editor
"You know that old meme, lawyer dog? That’s me. He’s a damn good attorney. He passed the bar! But he’s still a silly little corgi."
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Natasha Sunderland

BizOps & Project Manager
"Three friends and I took a month-long road trip through southern Africa and they told me the tiny Volkswagen Rabbit we were driving would be fine..."
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Christina Bryza

Senior Editor
"...There’s yoga, prayer, meditation, a green smoothie with lots of protein and fiber, and journaling — but not all of those things happen every day."
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