Productized Services FTW

Hey folks. When we opened shop in 2014, every project we took on was custom. Here in 2020, we've narrowed in on a small number of productized services (below) that each combine multiple deliverables.

Why the change? To be brutally honest, employer branding has a reputation as a "soft" function. This in mind, we design services for three criteria: we build in cost efficiencies, there must be a clear mechanism for activation, and, above all, we must feel confident that the work will deliver positive ROI, whether through direct measurement, previously observed outcomes, or both.

This said, we're a scrappy crew and are happy to adjust around the edges. Drop us a note any time to talk shop and explore a service (or two) in detail.

Employer Brand Kickstart

Our signature service. In six weeks, our team of branding and marketing experts will execute 10+ projects to define and launch your identity as a team—and give you the best possible shot at hiring the world's top candidates.

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A research-backed audit of the experience you provide engineering candidates

In a 90 minute call, we’ll put fresh eyes on your recruiting assets and messaging, give you insights on the challenges you’re facing with passive candidates, and provide feedback on your ideas for the future.

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Employee Spotlight Subscription

Candidates want to know who they’ll sit next to if they join. On a regular cadence, we’ll craft profiles of team members to give candidates an inside perspective and help them feel like they belong.

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Tech Blog Post Subscription

We'll create a reliable stream of technical blog posts to help you attract and nurture relationships with discerning technical candidates—all with minimal time from your engineers.

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Monthly Content For Candidates

With low effort from your team, we'll create content—blog posts, photos, short videos, and social posts—to help you attract and nurture relationships with discerning job candidates.

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Employer Value Propositions

Hiring is hard when candidates don’t know what you stand for. We’ll help you define the ideas and messaging that will inform everything you create and share with candidates.

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Marketing For University Recruiting

With our close partner, flytedesk, we'll orchestrate on-campus marketing campaigns at top colleges and universities—from five schools to 500—with a single dashboard to track rollout and measure performance.

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Content For LinkedIn

Informed by LinkedIn's best practices, we've created a special package of creative services purpose-built to improve the performance of LinkedIn's "Sponsored Update" ad unit.

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