Hiring great people is hard.

You’re competing against companies with bigger brands and deeper pockets. But you know there are candidates who value the growth and impact you can offer. If only you could start a conversation.

Our capabilities:


Employer value propositions / Story development / Use of content in recruiting funnels / Publishing calendars


Writing and editing / Ghostwriting / Photography / Video / Social media / Careers sites / Job descriptions


Tactics for outbound recruiting / Social media implementation / Employee engagement workshops / Social media ad buys

For larger companies, we offer two ways to engage.

Specialized services for all companies.

We’ve learned a great deal working with 60+ companies. Below are the projects we come back to—because they consistently deliver high value, fast. We’d be thrilled to tackle one or more with you, regardless of your company size or experience with employer branding.

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Employer Brand Audit

We’ll discover what candidates really think about your company. This is a foundational step in developing a strong message for why people should work for you.

Team Profile

We’ll interview and photograph a priority hiring team and weave the highlights into a profile that answers candidates’ most pressing questions.

Photo Library

In a single-day sprint, we'll produce a library of 50-100 photos that show off your company culture.

Job Description Upgrade

We’ll develop an on-brand job description template for one or more teams that helps draw in the right candidates and eliminates red flags.

The Best Link to Send Senior Candidates

We’ll create a Google Doc (seriously), designed for cold outreach emails, that directly addresses topics, questions, and signals that matter greatly to candidates who know what they want.

1-Year Story Subscription

We’ll produce high-quality content on a regular cadence at a discounted package price. Whether you’re launching (or maintaining) your brand, or you need focused stories to nurture relationships with top candidates, we’ll help you get the word(s) out.