Hiring great people is hard.

You’re competing against companies with bigger brands and deeper pockets. But you know there are candidates who value the growth and impact you can offer. If only you could start a conversation.

All our services follow the same basic approach.

1. You share your work culture with us.

What does it feel like to work at your company? What problems are you solving? Great candidates want to know—before they apply. We’ll ask smart questions and listen closely until we understand what makes you tick.

2. We create content and spread the word.

Using blog posts, videos, photos, and more, we’ll develop your story—one that will resonate with candidates. Then we’ll work together to spread the word, from inbound campaigns to outbound outreach, and a dozen tactics in between.

3. Candidates self-select in (or out).

When candidates get the information they want, you get the conversations you want. Now that they know your story, they’ll show up informed and excited—or they’ll decline and everyone will save time.

Just starting to scale? We designed a service for you.

We offer this service to series A and series B startups that are just starting to recruit at scale. It’s a combination of our most impactful deliverables, compressed into a six-week sprint. Clients have called this work “table stakes for Bay Area recruiting,” and “the most helpful complement to our first recruiter.” We’re generally flexible people ... but here the scope is fixed and we charge $20K flat.

What you get:

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Partner with us for the long haul.

You already understand the value of employer branding. Now you need a partner. For larger companies, we offer two ways to engage. On either path, you’ll leverage our entire team.

Our capabilities:


Employer value propositions / Story development / Use of content in recruiting funnels / Publishing calendars


Writing and editing / Ghostwriting / Photography / Video / Social media / Careers sites / Job descriptions


Tactics for outbound recruiting / Social media implementation / Employee engagement workshops / Social media ad buys
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Get what you need to support your recruiting team.

We’ve learned a great deal working with 60+ companies. Below are the projects we come back to—because they consistently deliver high value to recruiting teams. We’d be thrilled to tackle one or more with you, regardless of your company size or experience with employer branding.

Our services menu:

Employer Value Propositions

We’ll conduct research interviews with your leaders, managers, and ICs, then transform our learnings into a canonical “recruiting voice” guide for communicating your employer value propositions to candidates.

Employer Brand Audit

We’ll discover what candidates really think about your company. This is a foundational step in developing a strong message for why people should work with you.

Feature Video

We’ll produce a recruiting video, or video campaign, that captures what's unique about working at your company. From story development through social media distribution, we’ve got the bases covered.

Team Profile

We’ll interview and photograph a priority hiring team and weave the highlights into a profile that answers candidates’ most pressing questions.

Photo Library

We'll produce a library of 50–100 photographs that show off your company culture, including documentary-style shots of team members collaborating and images of your workspace.

Social Media Kickstart

We’ll create three to six months of social media content, a posting calendar, and best-practice guidance to drive engagement with recruiting content. This service must accompany a video or at least one story that includes a full day of photos.

Job Description Upgrade

We’ll develop an on-brand job description template for one or more teams that helps draw in the right candidates and eliminates red flags.

The Best Link to Send Senior Candidates

We’ll create a Google Doc (seriously), designed for cold outreach emails, that directly addresses topics, questions, and signals that matter greatly to candidates who know what they want.

Some other things we do ...

Careers pages, ghostwriting and editing support, copywriting, editorial strategy, profiles of team members, technical blog posts, photo essays, employee engagement workshops, and more.
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