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Amplify your recruitment efforts with content that speaks directly to candidates. At Job Portraits we offer services that support recruiters in their outreach and engagement with candidates. 

We Offer Services to Support Every Stage of the Talent Acquisition Funnel


Brand stories
Mission and vision stories
Culture stories
Broad reach social strategies


Reasons-to-believe stories
Technical stories
Human interest stories
Targeted media
Careers site


Team portraits
Role profiles
Clear and competitive job descriptions


Segmented communication strategy
Candidate user experience
Communication and follow-up strategy

selection + hire

Branded onboarding processes and literature

Team Video Portraits

Give candidates an incisive snapshot of life on your team with short videos designed to answer their questions. Add the videos to your careers site or let us host the content for you.


Put your content or brand to work in the right channels that most effectively reach your target candidates.

Email Campaigns

Turn your languishing talent network into a truly engaged community with targeted email campaigns. Then build an internal pipeline of engaged prospects.

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