Who We Are

We’re a fully remote team of culture-focused professionals who care more about our families, dogs, gardens, friends, and communities than we care about our jobs.

In fact, caring so much about life beyond the office is what motivates us to help companies large and small create workplaces like ours: where people can be both very skilled and fully human.

At Job Portraits, we use the truth to help teams find their people.

That’s our mission, which guides us toward our vision of a world where everyone has meaningful work with people they trust, which in turn leads to connection, innovation, and outcomes that make the world a better place.

We believe truth makes the world a better place, particularly the world of work.

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Account Manager
Andrea Devon Bertoli
Creative Director
Becca Pratt
DirECTOR of Creative Ops
Caitlin Condy
Editorial Director
Christina Bryza
Jacqui Gibson Clark
DirECTOR of Account Management
Jenn Nelson
Web Developer
Josh Hampson
Project Manager
Kendra Harris
AR Coordinator
Merica Saladino
Senior Creative Director
Natasha Sunderland
Project Manager
Ross Hauser
Product Manager
Sam Toland

Meet Our Creatives

Amy Rigby
Chloé Skye Weiser
Claire Graman
Editor (Video)
Ethan Rogers
Mikhal Weiner
Natalie Bailey
Ronane Lloyd
Sandra Barry

Meet Our Founders

Jackson Solway
Miki Johnson