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Associate Creative Director

Help turn ideas and strategy into compelling, custom content.

How We Work at Job Portraits

  • Our team is fully remote (and has been from day one). We trust our team members to find collaborative work rhythms that work best for them. 
  • We understand that Job Portraits’ work is just one of many things that makes our team members’ lives meaningful. That means we encourage everyone to take regular vacations, as well as breaks during the work day to do things like exercise, visit a therapist or coach, walk their dog, or spend time with their family.
  • We want work at Job Portraits to provide opportunities for personal — as well as professional — growth. We ask our team members to engage with their emotions, not just their intellects. We believe that vulnerability and radical candor — practiced within Job Portraits and with our clients — help build the connections and trust that allows us to excel at our work and grow into the best versions of ourselves.

About the Associate Creative Director Role

As an Associate Creative Director at Job Portraits, you’ll work with our Creative Directors to manage the creative process and develop high-quality products. You may have exposure to clients’ People, Talent, and Marketing teams to conceive and execute creative employer branding strategies that help them meet their No. 1 challenge: finding the right team members to help them grow.

To do this, you’ll lead strategic engagements to unearth and polish companies’ employer value propositions, then help bring those EVPs to life through authentic, written storytelling. Working with our team of talented writers, editors, and producers, you’ll make sure any content we create delivers the right information to the right audience in a package that engages and delights.

Ideally, you understand the employer branding and recruiting space and are excited to keep up with evolving best-practices and market leaders. A strong writing and editing background is highly desired. You combine this knowledge with curiosity about our clients to help Job Portraits define new offerings.

A Day In the Life of an Associate Creative Director

A common day for you might include several of the following activities:

  • Helping define strategy and scope for engagements (EVPs, kickstarts, content subscriptions)
  • Running Employer Value Proposition engagements
  • Interviewing key stakeholders for an EVP engagement
  • Running Employer Branding workshops
  • Helping decide which creatives are best to help execute a project
  • Facilitating conversations with a client to clarify their goals and expectations for a piece of content
  • Writing creative briefs for individual stories to ensure alignment with goals
  • Leading an interview with a CEO and CHRO that will become a blog post about the company’s mission and vision
  • Giving feedback to a writer or editor about creative
  • Considering campaign imagery 
  • Working closely with an account manager and/or project manager to do what’s needed to make a project successful (we’re a small team, so flexibility is key!)

How You’ll Learn and Grow

  • Become a stronger written communicator by working directly with our talented writers and editors
  • Learn to adapt your creative skills to a special audience: candidates, especially technical ones, and employees at fast-growing companies
  • Form relationships with fascinating, kind people at some of the world’s most influential companies
  • See the ins and outs of running a small business close up — all full-time team members have access to, and the directive to help improve, our offerings and processes

Competencies and Instincts We’re Looking For*

*We strongly believe that varied experiences and backgrounds can prepare someone for this role, and we know this is a long list. So while we hope many of these competencies already align with yours, as long as you want to learn and work on the below, we encourage you to apply.   

  • Knowledge of employer branding and recruitment marketing
  • Experience writing and editing multiple content formats (blog posts, journalistic profiles, web copy, etc.)
  • Understanding of the recruiting space 
  • Marketing/storytelling experience
  • A strong creative sensibility and the ability to get others on board with your vision, while remaining flexible and curious enough to shift your approach when necessary
  • The ability to work with many different kinds of people and quickly build rapport
  • Experience judging, hiring, and guiding professional creatives
  • Strong emotional intelligence and a deep-seated curiosity about humans and their motivations
  • Can push back on big personalities while simultaneously building trust
  • Asks great questions and is comfortable interviewing and meeting with all kinds of people
  • Can quickly make people feel comfortable — and always heard and acknowledged
  • Has great organization and time management skills. Can respond quickly to emails without sacrificing grammar, clarity, or empathy. Is comfortable jumping on the phone when needed.
  • Has impeccable communication skills and is a bit of a nerd about grammar. (You might be a grammar nerd if: It drives you nuts when people use a hyphen where they should use an en dash or em dash.)

Core Tasks and Relationships

  • Set creative vision and direction for client projects and provide guidance and direction to our creative team, which includes writers, editors, photographers, and videographers
  • Conduct interviews that will form the foundation of content for projects
  • Lead scoping and review sessions with clients
  • Draft and deliver presentations, proposals, and final creative products
  • Work with our account managers and project managers 
  • Continuously learn and experiment to help improve JP services and processes, including: attending events, taking meetings with industry leaders, and staying up-to-date with interesting articles and research

Compensation and Benefits

The Associate Creative Director would begin as a contractor position with the goal of becoming a full-time hire within three months. The salary for an Associate Creative Director will fall between $60k-$70k depending on the level of the candidate’s experience.

Full-time benefits include subsidized health, dental, and vision insurance coverage as well as life insurance and 401k matching. We also encourage employees to take time off; we offer unlimited paid leave, but not as a code for ”you won’t actually get to take any leave.” We trust employees to manage their time, but as an example, most people take 3-4 weeks of vacation throughout the year, and we close for the last 2 weeks of December so no one is working then. It's also common for people to take half or full days off on a regular basis to support their unique working schedules and wellness needs.

Interested? We welcome everyone who is passionate about our mission and feels they can contribute to our work, and we especially encourage candidates from historically excluded and marginalized groups to apply.