All Employers Have a Brand. Make Sure Yours Is Managed.

The way candidates and current employees talk about your company culture has the power to inspire your team, attract top talent, and enhance your employer brand—or do the exact opposite.

Don’t let your employer brand exist by default.

At Job Portraits, we use the truth to help teams find their people by specializing in Managed Employer Branding. We believe being honest is the best way to succeed in the long-term, so we create strategies and content that center on the reality of a company’s culture and form a strong Managed Employer Brand. Then we help you keep it current.

The Reality

Finding your people will amplify your momentum and propel your mission forward. Good companies lose momentum when their people aren’t passionate about the mission and culture. 

The Future

Candidates have power and options, and they’re more discerning than ever before. With high turnover in hard-to-fill roles, it’s trickier than ever to attract—and keep—top talent.

Our Approach

We define and communicate an organization’s most compelling truth to attract aligned candidates. 


Succeeding with us means creating a healthier funnel and reducing turnover. You’ll also see increased impact of your existing efforts. 

Our Process

Excellent employer branding begins with a strong strategy. We start with the most foundational element—your employer value proposition (EVP)—and use it to build content that amplifies your most meaningful stories. Then we help you launch that content into the world and track the impact.

We work best with clients who are willing to embrace the tensions and details we discover during strategy creation, and who are excited to see their company’s truths reflected in accurate and compelling content that attracts candidates who’ll thrive.

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