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Mature Companies

The challenge you’re up against: You’re transforming into a technology company, building your internal tech organization, or looking to start or expand an innovation lab. You need to hire top technical talent in large numbers, quickly.

“Job Portraits just gets it. It’s not about candidates or consumers, it’s about humans. The stories JP writes for my team get an average dwell time of 4+ min, showing the value of telling a good human focused story. Compared to other partners, the work that hits my desk is not only compelling, it’s proof perfect. Every. Single. Time. My leaders, my candidates, and my employees can’t get enough. Highly recommend.”
Charlotte Marshall
EB Leader of the Year and Author of Give & Get Employer Branding

How we can help: We’ll bring our technical expertise and understanding of technical candidates—their motivators, hopes, and fears—to help you recruit for your hardest-to-fill roles.

  • Plotting an ambitious vision for the next few years? We can also create custom content to launch new initiatives, like a microsite for your innovation lab, a careers page for your engineering org, or updated job descriptions that give candidates the information they want. Read more about our Employer Brand Kickstart.

Late-stage Startups

The challenge you’re up against: You’re getting ready to IPO, you just did, or you’re planning a big burst of hiring around a late-stage funding round. You need to hire many people in a short period of time.

“I've hired the Job Portraits team repeatedly over the past six years at both Eventbrite and Lever. They've created high-quality visual and written content about working at the company that has lived on blogs, career sites, print materials, and other hiring and marketing channels.”
Deniz Gültekin
Senior Manager, Global Employment Brand & Experience @ Eventbrite

How we can help: We move quickly. Teams hiring 500+ people per year have counted on our support. We have what it takes to flex in rapidly evolving environments.

  • Riding the wave: Planning a major product launch or ad campaign, or opening a new office? We’ll write and produce a content package—videos, blog posts, social media—to amplify your message with candidates. Learn more about our Employer Brand Kickstart.

Mid-stage Startups

The challenge you’re up against: You can no longer meet hiring goals by recruiting from your personal networks. It’s time to build a mature recruiting organization—quickly. Or maybe you just hired a head of talent, but they lack the bandwidth to make employer branding happen on their own.

“Before working with Job Portraits, our efforts around employer branding were ad-hoc and we did not have a consistent approach—now, we have a lot of valuable foundational work to pull from, which is great.

They were great partners in helping to teach and build an understanding with senior leadership and key stakeholders about why employer branding matters and why it is important that we do this work.”
Clare Geyer
Recruiting Operations @ Digit

How we can help: We know how to build the plane while it’s moving; we’re flexible enough to roll with your changing needs; and we’ve designed a project that sets you up for long-term success.

  • Our “Employer Brand Kickstart” process includes a refresh of your talent platforms, written stories to share with your networks, a playbook for consistent messaging, and a “launch” event to build alignment and excitement and to get your entire company involved in hiring. Read more about the kickstart here.

Early Stage Startups

The challenge you’re up against: Your company is unproven. You’re mostly recruiting from your networks because the best reason to work for you is the chance to collaborate with your experienced founders and early team.

“We’ve hired 50 people since we posted the profile nine months ago. We link to it everywhere—job ads, interview prep materials for candidates, our email signatures. Candidates are more prepared now, and I definitely get a lot of positive feedback. They’ll say, ‘I loved the blog post. It sounds like you guys are building a cool culture.’”
Greg Russell
Head of Talent @ Snapdocs

Who should work with us: Seed-stage founders who understand the value of human stories and their utility in recruiting risk-sensitive, experienced candidates.

How we can help: We’ve been in your shoes so we understand your desire to move quickly and prioritize actions with the greatest possible impact. We also want to help you lay a strong foundation that will last.

We’ll highlight your core team members in a series of blog posts. And we’ll focus on the magnitude of problems they’re solving, their massive impact on the product, and the trust they need to make decisions on their own. We can also step in as an advisor to help you define your company values. Read more about working with us on Employee Spotlights here.

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