How We Helped Put Snapdocs’ Engineering Team On The Map

Project highlights: 2X hires from referrals; 500% increase in candidate LinkedIn requests for Head of Talent; candidates more prepared for screening calls

Snapdocs makes mortgage closings fast, secure, transparent, and error-free by connecting all the parties involved.

Company size (at time of project)


Talent team size


Open requisitions


Project timeline

6 weeks


When Snapdocs first reached out to us, they were ready to move fast. After a single day interviewing and photographing the team, we built a new careers page, complete with team profile and photo library—then led a “launch day” to get the entire company on board.

The problem

Greg Russell, Snapdocs Head of Talent: “I remember feeling like we didn’t really have a talent brand at all. But to the extent our story was out there, I was worried it wasn’t resonating the way we wanted it to.”

Jackson Solway, Job Portraits Cofounder: “Mortgages aren’t sexy. They stress people out. And because what Snapdocs does is so complex, candidates didn’t really understand the technical problems the team was solving.”

The audience

Greg: “We were looking for people who are humble and pragmatic. Our best hires are more concerned with creating value for our customers than creating something splashy.”

Jackson: “Snapdocs’ Engineering and Product teams were relatively junior, and Greg needed to recruit senior people who could lead and mentor.”

The collaborators

Jackson: “Getting buy-in can be a struggle with some clients, but that definitely wasn’t the case with Snapdocs. Greg asked great questions but also gave us space to do our thing. Evan and Aaron, the CTO and CEO, clearly cared about culture and recognized the importance of attracting people who shared Snapdocs’ values. And Beth, who handled talent operations at the time, was incredibly helpful. She and Natasha, our project manager, were a great team.”

What we made

Greg: “We were up front about our budget. We knew from the start we wanted a careers page and a team profile, but from there, the Job Portraits team helped us scope a project that would deliver the best bang for our buck.”

Jackson: “We made a bet that our initial conversation with Aaron and our interview for the team profile would also give us language to update all of Snapdocs’ social profiles. And thankfully, that’s what happened. We also carved out a designated launch day to coach the whole company through updating their personal social profiles, so we could leverage the content yet again.”

Greg: “Once the decisions were made, Job Portraits did the heavy lifting. We made a few tweaks to some copy, but nothing major.”

“Launch day was really great. Everything was laid out for us, and Jackson walked 50 team members through the steps in under an hour. It felt good to accomplish so much so quickly—by the end of that day we were on the map.”

“We designed launch day to have value not just for Product and Engineering teams but for everyone. Seeing people from across the company excited to participate and getting in the weeds with us was super rewarding.”

The impact

Greg: “We’ve hired 50 people since we posted the profile nine months ago. We link to it everywhere—job ads, interview prep materials for candidates, our email signatures. Candidates are more prepared now, and I definitely get a lot of positive feedback. They’ll say, ‘I loved the blog post. It sounds like you guys are building a cool culture.’”

Greg: “My LinkedIn connection requests went up 500% after we launched. And because so many team members shared the content, Q1 was really good for referrals—over 25% of our hires. We also got a ton of inbound on roles I wouldn’t expect, like head of information security.”

Jackson: “Working with Snapdocs made us more efficient. It taught us to squeeze as much value as possible out of a single team profile, which is our most-requested service.”

What’s next

Greg: “We’re thinking about a possible launch day ‘refresh’ to get our new hires up to speed. And as we keep growing, I think the success of this project will make it easy to invest in even more ambitious storytelling.”