The Truth About Managed Employer Branding

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August 4, 2022

Employer branding is a relatively new industry—it’s only been around a decade or so. But employer brands have existed for as long as there have been employers.

That’s because an employer brand is unavoidable: As long as a company employs people, those people will have experiences and opinions related to their workplace, which they are likely to talk about.

So it’s actually a bit confusing to emphasize the importance of developing an “employer brand” (even though we do, all the time). Because ultimately, your company’s EB is somewhat out of your control. You can’t choose the way past, present, and future employees view and discuss your workplace.

But there is still plenty you can do.

You can make sure you have a Managed Employer Brand.

What’s Managed Employer Branding?

At Job Portraits, we specialize in Managed Employer Branding.

If you haven’t heard of Managed Employer Branding before, don’t be too hard on yourself. We’ve been in the EB industry pretty much since the beginning, and we hadn’t heard of the term either. That’s why we made it up.

We’re a truth-based team, and we deeply understand and value the meaning of words. So once we realized that urging you to focus on “employer brand” was only telling part of the story, we decided to change the way we talk about what we do.

An intentionally managed employer brand—what we call a Managed Employer Brand—is a combination of strategy, content, and activation that allows employers to own their truths and communicate them effectively.

That means identifying weaknesses as well as strengths, and sharing openly about what it’s really like to work somewhere. It also means attracting top-quality candidates who feel respected, informed, and capable of discerning whether or not they can add to your culture. And it means supporting engaged employees who become organic advocates for your company.

Job Portraits Can Give you a Managed Employer Brand

We can’t create an employer brand for you, because you already have one. What we can do—and what we do very well—is help you identify, refine, and communicate your EB in an honest, intentional way.

We can solve your problems.

Want to discover what a Managed Employer Brand can mean for you?

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Posted on
August 4, 2022
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