Job Portraits Can Solve Your Problems

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December 9, 2022

Attraction. Recruitment. Retention.

If you help lead a company that hires humans, you are likely familiar with these three problems. At Job Portraits, we are great at solving all of them.

Problem #1: Attraction. Your ideal candidates don’t know they want to work for you. 

You need qualified candidates who want to work for you. 

Your ideal candidates need to know you exist.

Your ideal candidates also need to understand why you are an employer they should be excited about.

You need more people in your talent community. 

You need the people in your talent community to continually discover who you really are: your strengths, your challenges, your stories.

Solution #1: Job Portraits can help you attract top talent. 

We can help you identify and communicate your value to prospective employees.

We do this on a foundational, mission-critical level by developing your company’s Employee Value Proposition.

Once you have an EVP (and in some cases even if you don’t) we create communications that make it clear who you are, what you do, and why people want to work with you.

For example, an employee profile on your company blog can provide a prospective candidate with specific details and personal insights that foster connection and increase interest.

Or a first-person essay from a company leader can clearly define your company’s mission and appeal.

We also make sure your quality content has a place to live by developing your Careers site, ensuring it’s a destination that optimizes candidate experience and offers you actionable analytics.

On top of that, we help you build and engage your talent network, creating drip and nurture campaigns that keep your pipeline full and warm.

Problem #2: Recruitment. Your recruiting process is not going great. 

You’re making offers, but your acceptance rate is lower than you want it to be.

Instead of cultivating a talent pool of silver medal candidates, your company is coming in second, losing out on top talent.

Strong candidates keep ghosting your recruiters.

Your recruiters are ghosting candidates—they don’t intend to, but there’s just too much to manage, and people are falling through the cracks.

Both candidates and recruiters are frustrated by the lack of readily available information about your company.

There’s inconsistency with communication between recruiters as well as to candidates.

Solution #2: Job Portraits can help you optimize—and humanize— recruitment. 

We can help your recruiters make the most of their time and energy, while keeping quality candidates engaged. Candidate experience matters, and we can help you make it better.

That Careers site we mentioned in the last section? It makes it easy for potential candidates to apply or join your talent network. And when they do, we make sure you’ve got a quality content ecosystem: compelling, informative communications at the ready, automated but authentic.

We help recruiters stay aligned by providing customized messaging guides (ideally structured from your EVP) that include key talking points, do’ and don’ts, and copy/paste scripts.

Those customized messaging guides can be used by your current employees, too, helping them to become organic advocates for your company.

Problem #3: Retention. Your people aren’t staying. 

Employee engagement is low.

You don’t have consistent, strategic internal communications.

Leadership talks about company culture, but it’s not felt in the day-to-day employee experience.

Even employees who want to be ambassadors don’t have the tools they need to advocate for your company.

There’s high attrition due to unmet–and often unspoken–expectations.

Solution #3: Job Portraits can help you with employee experience and retention. 

We can help you develop engaged employee advocates of your company who feel great about singing your praises, even if/after they move on.

That custom messaging guide we mentioned is a great way to include and inform current employees.

In fact, we host internal launch days where we help you present your EVP, your messaging, onboarding materials, etc.

We also help with event production, including the creation of print materials and company swag.

On a day-to-day basis, we build connection with current employees by developing internal communication strategies and messaging.

And although no one really loves to talk about layoffs or attrition, we understand they are an inevitable aspect of the talent lifecycle, and we help you make the most of tumultuous times with honest and humane communication.

Whatever your problems with attraction, recruitment, and/or retention—Job Portraits can be your solution.

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Posted on
December 9, 2022