Workplace Culture

Intentional Inclusion: How to Actually Create an Inclusive Workplace

You already know that inclusion initiatives are great, a vital part of any company’s strategy for success. But to make “inclusion” more than a buzzword, you need active intention.


Why We Tell the Truth

There is a universal economic loss to B.S. And there is a universal benefit to truth. We can communicate what’s true for you.

Layoffs? Hiring freeze? Time to amp up your employer branding efforts.

It’s always time to focus on employer branding, because you always have an employer brand. Even–especially–when you can’t currently afford to grow.

EB Explained

The Best Way to Get Started with Employer Branding

We’ve got years of experience talking to dozens of companies and hundreds of candidates. And we’re convinced there really is a best way to get started with employer branding.

EB Explained

Why Your Employer Brand Is an Indispensable Part of Your Consumer Brand

Hint: Your consumer brand and your employer brand share an important purpose.

EB Explained

A Solution for Every Stage

Employer branding is not one-size-fits-all. That’s why Job Portraits offers targeted solutions for companies at different stages.


How We Tell the Truth

We succeed by implementing a very specific set of best practices and standards. This is what they are.

Recruiter Support

How a Quality Content Ecosystem Can Make It Easy to Hire Your Ideal Candidates

Recruiters benefit from employer branding.‍ Specifically, recruiters benefit from a deliberately crafted, consistently maintained content ecosystem that is a vital component of employer branding strategy.

EB Explained

To Have a Successful Employer Brand, You Need These 10 Things

If you’re beginning to realize you definitely need an employer brand but you’re not exactly sure what you need to do, this list is for you.

Recruiter Support

For Recruiters to Succeed, They Need These 10 Things

Acquiring talent is an art unto itself. Give your recruiters what they need to succeed.

Recruiter Support

Why Candidate Experience Matters and How We Can Fix It

If you care about the reputation of your company, you need to care about candidate experience during the recruiting and hiring process. Here’s how you can make it better.