Story time.

At Job Portraits, our story began with a stroke of luck. During a job hunt, Jackson (one of our cofounders) began offering companies blog posts in exchange for informational interviews. Nobody hired him, but recruiters started using his posts to source other candidates—and agreed to pay him for more. Job Portraits was born.

Today, we’re a team of experienced journalists, founders, engineers, and recruiters on a mission to widen access to meaningful work. Since 2014, we've helped 60+ startups give candidates what they want.

Us, smiling.

Miki Johnson

Spirit animal:
"Definitely turtle. Many turtle species are shore-dwellers. Likewise, turtle people are comfortable swimming the waters of emotion while also keeping their feet on solid, rational ground."

Jackson Solway

Most impactful book:
"When I was 11 I found Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas in my parents' garage. I remember reading the first page and thinking, 'Damn, I'm going to be in trouble.' But I couldn't put it down. Been a psuedo-journalist ever since."

Olivia Haas

Creative Lead
Secret super power:
"Maybe it’s because I was born in Manhattan where there are no parking spots, or because I grew up in Los Angeles where parking is a competitive sport, but I somehow have the ability to spot and nab decent-to-excellent parking no matter where I am."

Jon Young

Worst advice ever followed:
"When I was in my early teens, I dropped my cell phone in a lake. My uncle's friend told me to heat it up in the microwave to dry it off. I did, and of course, it exploded."

Sandra Barry

Senior Writer and Editor
Morning routine:
"I worked late for years as a journalist, so now I treasure early mornings. I start the day by briefly torturing my cuddle-averse dog; then I stretch and eat breakfast (usually something mildly unhealthy—life is short!) before my 20-foot commute."

Natasha Sunderland

BizOps and Project Management
Most impactful book:
"To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf. To me, it’s about how art cannot truly reflect life, and yet it’s as close as we can get. There are some sentences in that book that are just the greatest ever written."

Jonaki Mehta

Creative Lead
After hours:
"As a passion project, I'm co-producing a forthcoming podcast, and I work on—and listen to—as much audio storytelling as possible in my free time."

Grace Renniger

Writer and Social Media
Most impactful movie:
"I was in 7th grade when I first saw the movie Apollo 13. From then on, I soaked up NASA history, especially info on the Mercury program. Designing and testing rockets, when no one had flown in space before, still has me in awe."

Christina Bryza

Senior Editor
Favorite burrito spot:
"You tell me, I don't eat burritos."

Mary and Myles

Forward Films
Most-admired living person (Mary):
"I admire you, Oprah. If we meet, there's a good chance I'll try to learn your life story."

Most disliked service (Myles):
"I'm not a fan of GPS. I'd rather get lost and see something new."